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22 – 24th April 2016


SKIF Portugal 50th Anniversary. Hosting the 2nd SKIF Europe [SKIEF] International Training Seminar, plus referee training and competition.

a. Please see the attached information from shihan Mario Aguas, Director SKIF Europe, chief instructor Portugal.

b. I need to receive expressions of interest by 26th June (this month!) to give Mario sensei a rough idea of numbers interested.

c. I will be happy to co-ordinate this trip next year.


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Late August 2016 (dates to be finalised)


SKIF World Championships, Jakarta, Indonesia.

a. The previous time Indonesia hosted the world championships was in Bali in 2000. Brilliantly organised. Beautiful country.

b. I will be happy to receive expressions of interest from anyone wishing to go to Indonesia for this event, asap.

c. I will be happy to coordinate this trip; squad / team managers etc. will need to be appointed, provided sufficient numbers warrant it.

d. We will need to institute squad training and fund-raising. It will be very helpful if I have a rough idea of who’s interested.

e. SKKIF in the past have been quite successful at the World Championships. At least 2 gold-medal winners, several silver medals and bronze medal winners too. Let’s maintain the tradition and improve on our past performances!

Best wishes to all. Looking forward to lots of replies.

2nd SKIEF Seminar 50th Anniversary SOSHINKAI