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As a representative association of the Shotokan Karate-do International Federation in Tokyo (SKIF), SKKIF belongs to one of the world’s largest Shotokan karate bodies, with over 2½ million members in over 100 countries.

As a non-profit making organisation, SKKIF ensures the money you pay for training and membership goes back into the association, to benefit all members.

What you learn: Dedicated to following the teachings of Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa, SKKIF offers a comprehensive training syllabus for this traditional style in both set and free-style fighting. Apart from getting a thorough grounding in self defence, training with SKKIF improves and maintains fitness, flexibility, speed, strength, self-awareness and discipline.

Dedicated to learning and promoting Sensei Kanazawa’s comprehensive and demanding syllabus because it offers a solid grounding in Shotokan karate, a well thought-out teaching structure that results in high technical standards and the ability to utilise techniques in real fight situations. It aims to bring out the best in Karateka of all ages and abilities.

UK coverage: SKKIF has affiliated Dojos throughout the United Kingdom, from the south of England, in Penzance, to the north-east coast of Scotland in Peterhead. A full list of clubs is listed here, club list.

Testing yourself: SKKIF has a national competition every other year, with regular European and World SKIF Championship opportunities.

Assured standards: All Gradings are judged by trained senior instructors, with opportunities to grade with Honbu Sensei twice a year.  All SKKIF black belts are officially registered in Japan. Regular specialised training for club instructors and a SKKIF Technical Committee, presided over by Chief Instructor Roger Carpenter (8th Dan Kyoshi), ensures high, uniform standards are maintained.


Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa 1931 - 2019. He won the notorious ‘All Japan karate Championship’ Kumite championship in 1957 and in 1958 won the Kata and Kumite Titles. On one occasion winning the finals whilst nursing a broken wrist from an earlier event.

Although trained in Judo in his early years, Kanazawa took up karate whilst at University under the late headmaster of the shotokan style Matsatoshi Nakayama (10th Dan). Kanazawa was also one of the few who karateka privileged to have studied under Master Gichin Funakoshi, the famous Okinawin schoolteacher who brought karate to mainland Japan from Okinawa and founded the Shotokan style.

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